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  Relationships between chlorophyll and different CM measurements

Evaluation of the sensitivity of portable chlorophyll meters to estimate leaf chlorophyll and N contents under excessive N conditions

6/25/2018 12:00:23 PM

Proceedings of the N20th workshop. Session III: Local process studies – Posters

Padilla, F.M.1, Peña-Fleitas, M.T.1, De Souza, R.1, Giménez, C.2, Thompson, R.B.1, Gallardo, M.1 1University of Almeria, Almeria, Spain; 2University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain

The SPAD-502 meter (Konica Minolta, Inc., Tokyo, Japan), the atLEAF+ sensor (FT Green LLC, Wilmington, DE, USA), the MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter (Apogee Instruments, Inc., Logan UT, USA), and the Multiplex 3.6 sensor (Force-A, Orsay, France), were evaluated in a sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum ‘Melchor’) crop in Almeria, southeastern Spain. There were five N treatments of different N concentrations (very deficient, deficient, optimal, excessive and very excessive) in nutrient solutions applied by fertigation.


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