plant chlorophyll meter, leaf sensor
atLEAF+ software
atLEAF+ device is discontinued. Please see the Products page for the updated versions.

Warning: Using the new atLEAF devices with the older UsbInt software may cause unpredictable results, including possible damage to the device.

atLEAF+ software USB Interface

Windows compatible software is provided for free with the device. The software allows species names to be uploaded to the device and also allows measurements to be downloaded from the device to the computer through the USB port. The software is tested with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

atLEAF+ Free Interface Software

Windows 7

The software has been tested on Windows 7. Generally it works fine; however, some issues have been reported on the USB driver installation. In these cases you can try the following suggestions.

Windows 8

The software has not been tested on Windows 8.
Microsoft reports the following: Users of Windows 7 can switch to Windows 8 with confidence. All the software that runs on Windows 7 also works fine on Windows 8. In general, users of Windows Vista will not experience any problems.

atLEAF+ software USB Interface v2.0

The UsbInt software version 2.0 is only available by download.
The new version allows the user to display the SPAD and total chlorophyll content conversions of the atLEAF+ downloaded measures.

atLEAF+ Free Interface Software Ver2.0

A registration is required to download the software, asking for the device SN available for new devices.
Send an email to moc.faelta@troppus with the SN of your atLEAF+ device to request a temporary serial number for registration in the download area.

The software should be installed in the existing UsbInt program foder. The replaced files are stored in a backup subfolder.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.