plant chlorophyll meter, leaf sensor
atLEAFSoft Software


atLEAFSoft software for Windows is a powerful tool oriented to the analysis of the plant parameters. It allows to transfer, display, store and analyze plant parameters, curves and spider plots. The software fully supports atLEAF CHL PLUS and BLUE devices through USB port allowing the download of measurement data, upload of species names and support of specific device available functions.

atLEAFSoft versions


atLEAFSoft PRO with atLEAFGeo

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atlcmd is a command tool for Windows. It requires the USB software license dongle (atLEAFSoft PRO) to run and allows to perform and download measures through USB connection. Output data can be displayed, stored in a file or sent to a server through network. > Read more

atlEAFUsb for macOS

Software for mac OS to upload species names to device, to download measures and to perform meter calibration through USB connection.
Available for free download from Mac App Store. > Read more

atlEAF App for mobiles

Available for free download on Apple store and Google Play > Read more