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  • Max error : -0.5 ... 0.5
  • Mean error : 0.2
  • Std Dev on error : 0.2
  • atLEAF CHL PLUS Repeatibility

  • Min value: 36.1
  • Max value: 36.2
  • Std Dev: 0.046
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    Zhu, J., Tremblay, N. and Liang

    "There were significant correlations between SPAD or atLEAF values on the one hand and laboratory Chl content on the other hand..."

    Mark Lundy, Steve Wright, Steve Orloff, Robert Hutmacher

    "The AtLeaf meter successfully distinguished between wheat growing under different N and water conditions..."

    A. Gallinat, L. Garrison, and R. Primack

    "There is a very strong correlation between atLEAF and SPAD-502 chlorophyll readings for Vi Viburnum carlesii leaves. The point colors reflect the color of the leaf measured (R2=0.98)..."

    E.V. Novichonok, A.O. Novichonok, J.A. Kurbatova And E.F. Markovskaya

    "the atLEAF+ Chl meter is a cheap and convenient tool for a quick nondestructive estimate of the Chl content..."

    K. B. Hebbar , P. Subramanian, T. L. Sheena, K. Shwetha, P. Sugatha, M.Arivalagan ...

    "The atLeaf chlorophyll meter provided good estimates for chlorophyll concentrations in coconut..."

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019